2 Storey Extension in Quinton


  • Location:Quinton
  • Completed:October 2017

Services Included

Renovations & Alterations
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

2 Storey Extension in Quinton

This family in Quinton were in dire need of some more space, KSW Developments were charged the task of creating a two storey extension to their home which would allow for more space both upstairs and down.

The original property featured some stunning features which we wanted to make sure we honoured with the extension, we therefore constructed the outer walls using reclaimed brick to ensure that the extension didn't stand out for looking too new. We also sourced slate to match the roof tile perfectly which also helped us make the extension fit in seamlessly with the existing home.

The function of the extension was to add two bedrooms and a snug to the home, with a downstairs bedroom, snug featuring log burner and a beautiful master suite in the new upstairs space.

Quinton is such a lovely rural area that we wanted to make sure that the family could enjoy the views unimpeded. The KSW team installed windows which open to a full 90 degrees alongside electric velux roof lights upstairs to allow plenty of natural light to flow through the master suite.

Downstairs we also wanted to make sure that light would fill the space, bifold doors were installed in the snug to allow access and views of the outdoor space, year round.

As with all extensions, the first phase was preparation. An old wooden decking was taken up to make space for the groundworks to take place. Footings were dug and foundations completed. Even though we were working in a rural location, access to the property was good which meant that foundations were poured with ease.

Construction of the lower storey took place pretty quickly, we enjoyed the occasional visit from the younger family members who were endlessly intrigued by the construction process! Perhaps in a few years they will be the next stars of KSW Developments!

Scaffolding was erected to allow for the second storey construction to take place, it wasn't long before the roof was on!

Internal finishings were a dream, and I have to say the floor I laid in the master bedroom is the best i've done to date....slightly envious of the finish actually! Dangers of the job!

Overall, this was a great project that was completed to a very high standard, on time and on budget....another success for KSW Developments!