Cotswold Stone Garage Development in Chipping Norton


  • Location:Chipping Norton
  • Completed:June 2015

Services Included

New Builds
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Cotswold Stone Garage Development in Chipping Norton

Well, what a stunning property! Working on this site in Chipping Norton, we were tasked to construct a garage that would be in keeping with the Cotswold Stone features of the rest of the property and the surrounding area. That distinctive golden stone is very striking especially when paired with deep grey slate. After foundations were laid, we began the block and brick construction of the walls of the garage with each stone hand dressed to remain in keeping with the feel of the area. Ensuring ample light would be present we installed side windows and velux skylights into the garage. At KSW we believe in spaces being beautiful as well as useful and garages have the added bonus of often being multi use spaces.

To really pull the courtyard together, we extended our brickwork from the rear of the garage along to the main house, creating a tall feature wall with inset nooks which allow for decorations to be placed high up without the need to damage the brickwork.

In addition to building the garage we completed the transformation with landscaping an the laying of complementing slabs. The final look is a quintessential cotswold courtyard which blends the old and new with contemporary design completed with a traditional feel. We were thrilled wit this project and the clients were delighted with how it turned out!