Dry Stone Walling in Tredington


  • Location:Tredington
  • Completed:January 2013

Services Included

Listed Building Work
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Dry Stone Walling in Tredington

At KSW Developments we have a number of expertises, one of which is the ancient art of dry stone walling. The process of which is time consuming but ultimately rewarding when everything comes together.

We were tasked with deconstructing a dry stone wall in Tredington which was in desperate need of repair. We took down the wall section by section assessing which stones could be repurposed and which was beyond use. Once the wall had been taken down we then began the reconstruction process. Constructing a dry stone wall using the traditional method is very much like taking on a large puzzle where all the pieces look almost identical! We began with the base stones, ensuring the wall had a solid foundation which would support it for years to come. Placing smaller pieces of stone in between the larger we are able to achieve stability without the use of bonding materials. we worked the full length of the wall section before building up layer by layer until the desired height was reached, beginning at the outside edges and working our way in. The wall was lovingly recreated using only traditional methods and the original materials but to protect the wall and create a modern finish we topped the wall with a half round cement top.

The overall finish is really beautiful and remains in keeping with the area, the colour of the stone is really highlighted against the green landscape! Working with natural products and traditional methods is a passion of mine and this project was a real pleasure to complete.