Garden Design & Landscaping in Long Marston


  • Location:Long Marston
  • Completed:June 2016

Services Included

Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Garden Design & Landscaping in Long Marston

KSW Developments, Warwickshire also specialise in landscaping! This garden in Long Maston, Stratford-upon-Avon was totally transformed.

The clients wanted to make better use of their outdoor space throughout the year for relaxing and entertaining. With a large outdoor space to work with, there was a good deal of scope for creativity. The majority of the garden was lawned which was relatively high maintenance due to the size, and parts of the grass had become patchy.

The plan was to remove the majority of the lawn and replace this with slabs, whilst also creating dynamic plant beds which would add a visual focal point.

This garden in Long Marston had a lot of character as did the home so we wanted to draw on that and enhance it through the outdoor space. We wanted to achieve a really striking feature and also create zones in the garden for lounging and relaxing and as well as an al fresco dining space.

We began by preparing the ground for slabbing, ensuring a sturdy and perfectly level surface ahead of laying stone. The property had a stunning sun room which extends into the garden. We took the end of this sun room as the starting point to create the main focal point of our stonework.

We created a beautiful stone circle using Indian Sandstone slabs which created a real wow factor to the garden from the get go! This would become the outdoor dining space so we wanted to make it feel welcoming, relaxed and somewhat secluded which meant this area was perfect as it was protected by a large mature hedge.

The rest of the paving was designed to wrap around the house and the gorgeous and varied colour tones of the Indian Sandstone looked incredible against the red brick of the main house. One challenge was finding a way to show off the water feature which backed on to the dominant flower bed. We achieved an eye catching effect by scooping out rounded edges to the feature which created a lovely contrast with the angular lines of the slabs whilst tying in with the stone circle design feature.

We pulled everything together by rounding off the edges on either side of the patio area and finishing it off with a gravelled surround. The Indian Sandstone was laid in a mason grid style with dynamic sizing which created a dramatic finish which is a perfect balance of classic British Heritage style and contemporary design. Furniture was added to the area with a large and welcoming round dining table placed on the Stone Circle to create the outdoor eating area and a second area with a sofa, coffee table and two armchairs was placed adjacent to the water feature for relaxing and entertaining.

The transformation of this garden in Long Marston was incredible and KSW Developments really enjoyed working with the clients on this project.