Garden Design & Landscaping in Shipston-on-Stour


  • Location:Shipston
  • Completed:May 2013

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Garden Design & Landscaping in Shipston-on-Stour

This property in Shipston-on-Stour has a lovely sized garden but the owners couldn't make proper use of the space throughout the day because of the direction of the space meaning that only one area got sunlight. To address this we were tasked with creating a sunken patio area to make the best use of the sunlight.

Creating a multilevel space allows for the garden space to be used in different ways and having a designated patio space meant the clients would have a lovely space to relax and entertain. We sunk the patio 1/2 meter down and used a sleeper wall to retain the rest of the garden with sleeper steps between the two levels. Once we had reached the desired depth for the patio we levelled the area and prepared the ground for slabs. We used a buff volume smooth slab in a natural stone which looks really striking against the greenery of the garden. The sleepers add a wonderful textured appearance and frame the area beautifully whilst also doubling up as extra seating space if they are having lots of guests.

The project really pulled the garden together and means that the client can enjoy their garden throughout the year. The slabs are easily maintained and provide a wonderful platform for hosting guests or relaxing in the warmer months. We are really pleased with the finish of the patio, as were the clients