Kitchen Design & Kitchen Extension in Warwick


  • Location:Warwick
  • Completed:December 2016

Services Included

Renovations & Alterations
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Kitchen Design & Kitchen Extension in Warwick

Extensions are a brilliant way to maximise space and add value to your property. This kitchen extension achieved just that! What was initially planned as a simple kitchen design and extension project turned out a little more complicated than initially planned but ultimately the final outcome came together and the finish really transformed this home.

The property itself had an adjoining outhouse which had to first be demolished to make way for the extension. During this process, it became clear that some structural adjustments to the side of the property would be required due to the design aspect of the extension. Not ones to be fazed by an unexpected challenge, we took down a section of the side of the house, inserting support beams as we went, allowing us to open up the side of the house.

Footings and the the foundations went in pretty quickly meaning that although adjustments had to be made, the build schedule was not greatly impacted. Once all external walls were in place, we began the kitchen redesign by completely gutting the existing kitchen and reconfigured the layout to allow for an open plan kitchen. The openness of an open plan kitchen not only maximised the use of space but also provided for a pretty striking aesthetic.

The kitchen was designed with a modern take on a traditional country kitchen, shaker style cabinets were brought into a contemporary space with curved edges and industrial style handles. The worktop with a slightly distressed wood appearance and elegant panel detailing looks striking with shades of deep rich browns against lighter oaky tones. The breakfast bar, punctuated with chrome pendant lights is a great use of space and provides and informal space to dine or just enjoy company in the kitchen without being at the dining table.

In addition to the open plan kitchen, we also installed a W.C and downstairs office, making use of every inch of the extension without compromising on the open and airy feel. The clients were really pleased with how this project turned out and so were we!