Kitchen Extension in Kenilworth


  • Location:Kenilworth
  • Completed:December 2017

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Kitchen Extension in Kenilworth

Kitchen Extensions are a great way to make extra space in the home and to add value to your property. This extension in Kenilworth made great use of existing internal space, encroaching on the outdoor space by only a small amount. There is a misconception that an extension must steal a lot of your outdoor space, this striking kitchen extension proves this is not the case at all!

In particular, there was some prime real estate being lost around the bay window which wasnt being utilised effectively. Although bay windows can be a great way to add light into a space, our plan was to offset this loss with an impressive bifold!

The first phase of this project was to open up the way from the existing kitchen and construct the external walls outlining the new extension. Quite some time was taken selecting the best match for the original brickwork with its distinctive dark spots for the upper sections of the wall, as well as the deep red for the bottom section of the wall and the lintels.

Once the initial build was complete, we then set to the deconstruction of the walls of the house which were inside the new boundary of the extension, which included removing the bay window. As soon as this was all removed and the supports were in place, it was great to see the actual space internally which would make up the clients brand new kitchen/dining room/entertainment space/utility.

All new guttering was added to the extensions roof as well as a sloped tile roof to match the main house as well as a pair of outside lights which really pull the outside together. In a short space of time, all the new sections to the property will age beautifully to look seamless to the existing home, you would never know it wasnt always there!

The main feature of this extension was the impressive, five pane, bifold doors. WE absolutely love these doors and they are both incredibly eye-catching and brilliant in terms of practicality. You know that at KSW Developments we love anything which brings the indoor and outdoor space of a home together, these doors certainly do that! to ensure a smooth transition between the home and the garden in this gorgeous Kenilworth location, we laid a mason grid style stone patio which stretches around three sides of the house. The stone for the patio was chosen to compliment the limestone tiles which would be placed in the kitchen area. Both stone types have an underlying warmth to their colour tone.

Inside the new extension, the KSW Developments electrical team installed all new electrics throughout, with spotlights throughout and a dramatic triple pendant light to illuminate the kitchen island. With a significantly increased size for the kitchen, we were able to get creative with the design of the kitchen, really making use of the available space whilst maintaining the feeling of an open living space. The design of the kitchen is very much a take on contemporary country styling, with high gloss cream cabinets and draws set off with a warm oak style countertop across the work surfaces and island. There are some lovely little features throughout this kitchen, such as selective glass doors to display items, an all singing all dancing tap system, and my personal favourite - a wine/beer cooler fridge set into the island. The ultra high shine subway style tiling really sets off the designer feel of this stunning kitchen.

We continued the design of the kitchen into a utility space set away from the main kitchen area whilst leaving the dining room/entertaining space free to remain open and bright.

The last few stages of this build in Kenilworth ran ahead of schedule with the flooring and final fixtures being installed with final touches taking place shortly after, so much so that we had cleared up and admired our handywork and was so distracted that we forgot to take the final shots of the completed project!

KSW Developments takes a sense of pride from all our projects but we were particularly pleased with the final results of this extension in Kenilworth and think it really demonstrates that by reconfiguring the external walls of the property slightly, a large space was created. The client was very happy with how this turned out, as were we.