Listed Building Work in Fulbrook


  • Location:Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Completed:May 2014

Services Included

Renovations & Alterations
Listed Building Work
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Listed Building Work in Fulbrook

KSW Developments have experience with a number of listed building projects and have garnered an excellent reputation for working within the constraints of associated guidelines whilst also preserving the features and natural aesthetic of listed properties. We were challenged with the restoration of the boundary wall at a listed property in Fulbrook just outside of Stratford -Upon-Avon and are so pleased with the outcome of the project.

The build was quite expansive as a full boundary wall of significant height had to be constructed all the way around the property, built on the remnants of the original wall. The original wall was topped with coping stones which had to be carefully removed along with any damaged areas, before the main build could begin. Furthermore, the wall itself was created with a taper around a cavity which was aided by the use of purpose built guiding frames which the KSW team constructed to ensure uniformity and accuracy throughout the mammoth build.

In a similar technique to dry stone walling, each stone block is selected to provide the best fit in the space to allow for minimal cutting. This allows for a more organic and natural look as opposed to a more structured, modern symmetry in the stonework. The stone selection was also key in order to ensure that the newly placed blocks would age over time in line with the existing wall, ultimately the aim is for a seamless blend to exist after a few seasons in place. Unlike dry stone walling techniques, mortar and a cavity was used which means a more solid and long lasting structure could constructed - dry stone walls were designed for landowners to be able to deconstruct and relocate these walls as per the need of farming rotation.

This boundary wall is very much a permanent feature of this stunning property and the earlier removed coping stones were placed back on the top, intersected with new stones to fill any gaps, crowning off this impressive boundary wall. To complete the look, large hardwood driveway gates were installed to add security, privacy and a touch of style!