New Bathroom in Great Wolford


  • Completed:November 2014

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New Bathroom in Great Wolford

Bathrooms should be a place of relaxation, it's where we begin our day and end our day, whether relaxing in the bath, taking a shower to wind down or generally pampering. The bathroom in this Great Wolford property was very dated and was showing serious signs of wear and tear so the owners contacted the team at KSW Developments to renovate the space and create a whole new bathroom for them.

The first task was to remove the old and damaged bathroom suite, this is always a satisfying part of the job! In some instances, this process can reveal issues which were not immediately obvious, but on this occasion we were lucky enough to find that the bones of the room were pretty good which meant that our original plan could go ahead as scheduled.

Once the bathroom suite was removed, we then stripped back all the old flooring and tiling until the room was basically just a shell. We reconfigured the space to ensure that the new design was making the best use of the room available. Bathrooms need to be functional first and foremost, but also aesthetically pleasing and a joy to be in. Our client also wanted to ensure that there was plenty of storage space available without compromising on space and design.

This bathroom in Great Wolford was relatively straightforward, we were able to install all new plumbing and electrics after the room had been stripped back, before constructing the new bathroom. We began by building the area for a built in shower cubicle. We were then able to prepare the walls and floor. Large tiles were selected for the walls as they created a dramatic and luxurious impact. The tiles chosen featured a mottled and natural stone effect in a rich and warm neutral tone somewhere between brown and grey. These were complemented by the large square tiles chosen for the floor which were a deeper slate colour which added depth to the room. The Bathroom was tiled on all walls for that luxurious feel.

The shower base was installed ahead of the completion of tiling, the base itself was a mid-sized base which meant that the shower would feel spacious and roomy but wouldn't over-dominate the bathroom. A sliding screen door was installed and tiling was completed around the piping for the shower and the vertical heated towel rail/radiator.

A built-in unit was constructed to house the fixtures for the toilet and sink whilst allowing for countertop space and under sink storage. We also used the space alongside the whole unit to create subtle build-in shelving for additional storage. A beautiful oaky toned grained wood was used for all cabinetry and all the fixtures and fittings throughout the bathroom were finished in chrome.

This bathroom in Great Wolford went from distressed to impress(ive)! It wouldn't look out of place in a high end hotel. We are thrilled with how this bathroom turned out and are happy that the clients now have a bathroom they are able to enjoy. Creating a luxurious space to relax and unwind in doesn't have to be complicated or overly expensive, and this transformation is a testament to that.