Renovation in Temple Grafton


  • Location:Temple Grafton
  • Completed:November 2010

Services Included

Renovations & Alterations
Listed Building Work
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Renovation in Temple Grafton

What an incredible transformation! This beautiful farmhouse in Temple Grafton was looking very tired and outdated before KSW Developments got their hands on it!

The project was a total transformation from garish and outmoded colours to a stunning and contemporary property with character and charm.

Each room in this striking property was stripped back to the bare bones. One of the major events of this project was uncovering an old well! This was a first for us! It made for an incredible feature in the property but first we had to send down one of the guys to cut the old pump pipe out! Pretty sure he wasn't expecting his day to be spent down an old well when he got up that morning! But, adventures complete we incorporated the well as part of the character of the property.

The biggest part of this job was the addition of a first floor sash window and french doors and a second floor sash window. We prepped the walls with supports then framed and cut each opening. The surrounding lintel was prepared and cast stone cills placed for each of the sash windows. The frech doors made for an attractive entrance point so we constructed stylish steps and a dramatic black handrail for a welcoming touch. all the stone and brick was selected to match the existing masonry.

The interior of the property was refinished to the highest level with cool farmhouse vibes throughout. The main staircase was a wonderful old stone which we complemented with a deep slate tile effect flooring for the entranceway.

All new lighting was fitted throughout the property and we wanted to make a feature of the original beams throughout. In the main living space we supplied and installed a stone fireplace in the sandy tone of the main building, we wanted to stay true to the original feel of this house whilst bringing a more contemporary twist to the finished product.

We were really pleased with how this property came together, and I don't think we will ever forget sending the boys down the well!