Restaurant Refurbishment in Stratford-upon-Avon


  • Location:Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Completed:April 2015

Services Included

Renovations & Alterations
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Restaurant Refurbishment in Stratford-upon-Avon

KSW Developments started this project in February 2015.

Refurbishing this restaurant in Stratford-Upon-Avon was an incredibly satisfying project for the team at KSW Developments! Our brief was ultimately to give the restaurant a new lease of life and create a really interesting and contemporary space whilst working in the quintessentially non-standard buildings of the older part of Stratford-Upon-Avon! The building had so much character we wanted to retain some of those elements whilst also bringing the restaurant in line with a more modern interior.

One of the first challenges was to reconfigure the layout to make way for a new bar area, this involved taking out some walls to create a distinct bar space and make better use of the building arrangement.

Given the age of the building, and the fact that the restaurant had not been updated for many years, a priority for KSW and the client was to repair the uneven and damaged flooring and to fully update the electrics and plumbing for the whole building. It was imperative that the building was brought up to regulation but also the inclusion of new electrics and plumbing meant peace of mind for the owners - knowing that there would be fewer instances of issues in the long run now that modern systems were in place.

Once we were satisfied that the building was refurbished to a high standard and that all regulations and requirements were met we began the process of turning the dated space into a chic and modern restaurant. We constructed bespoke furniture pieces throughout the restaurant which meant we were able to make use of all available space and to create furnishings to the exact requirements rather than try to get ‘off the peg’ pieces to fit. The booth seat built into the front bay window makes for a comfy space to enjoy a meal and watch the world go by! We replicated this seating with booth style seating alongside the outer wall set off with a distinctive wood panelled wall of multi-tonal horizontal strips which gives an interesting textured feel whilst also giving a sense of more space. The tiled bar with built in shelving lit with atmospheric strip lighting is a real focal point in the room . Lighting was key throughout and we installed warm bulb, modern, industrial style exposed lights with raw wood features throughout and a statement bespoke centerpiece with multiple drop bulbs creating a really cool feature. The bathrooms were also refurbished with all new fixtures and fittings in the same style as the main restaurant with quirky spanish style tiling and dark, crude wood elements.

The outside space had been under utilised so as part of our refurbishments we took on the courtyard and created a space people could really enjoy. Removing the uninspired existing furniture, we build bold, bespoke, high level seating benches with a raw finish to remain in keeping with the main restaurant. A natural and inviting feel was key to the client and this was achieved through the use of unprocessed, lightly treated materials. The area was smartened up with the additional of some stylised fencing with trellis elements and outdoor lighting meaning that people could enjoy al fresco drinking and dining into the evening with ample lighting and added privacy.

Overall, the transformation was outstanding! We were so pleased with how all the elements came together to create a cohesive feeling throughout the space and a modern dynamic within an old building!