Single Storey Kitchen Extension in Coventry


  • Location:Coventry
  • Completed:September 2018

Services Included

Renovations & Alterations
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Single Storey Kitchen Extension in Coventry

KSW Developments doesn't just serve Warwickshire, we also work further afield. For this project we were based in Coventry to create a single storey extension on this home. Although only a single storey, this extension created a large amount of space due to the wraparound style of the build.

Wraparound extensions require more structural work than other forms and this property was no exception. The wraparound extension made use of two sides of the house which allowed for better use of the available land to the side of the house which was obstructed by a wall. Once removed, just short of a meters width was regained, which over the course of the length of the extension amounts to a significant area.

Groundworks was the first phase of this Coventry extension, with the area being prepared, footings dug and foundations laid to make way for the start of construction. the garden wall was removed to make way for the extension to follow the side of the house. Internal and external walls were constructed ahead of the removal of the existing house exterior.

The process of deconstructing the external walls of the property required the installation of structural supports as the team worked. The garage was split in half with half of it to be repurposed into the new extension for living space as the full length of the sizable garage was under utilised. This space would become the main utility space for the family leading through to an open kitchen leading onto the family room/entertaining space. A low pitch gable roof was created with two large skylights placed on the larger portion of the roof, these were installed followed by the red tiling to match the existing property's roof.

Large bifolds completed the single storey extension, and at 4m they are quite impressive! alongside the skylights, this Coventry extension will be flooded with natural light all year round!

The internal space was fitting to a high standard, with electrics and lights installed to create an impressively sized kitchen/living room/entertaining space for the whole family. KSW Developments managed this project from its conception and planning permission through to completion, the clients could relax knowing that our expertise would have them covered every step of the way and all they had to think about was how they would enjoy the space once completed...and they have very much enjoyed the new extension! This project was a joy to work on and ran smoothly from start to finish - just how we like it!