Underground Garage & Refurbishment in Shenington


  • Location:Shenington
  • Completed:April 2010

Services Included

Renovations & Alterations
Listed Building Work
Design & Planning Permission
Project Management

Underground Garage & Refurbishment in Shenington

At KSW we dont back down from a challenge, and this renovation at a property in Shenington really tested our skills as builders. This impressive redevelopment of an old school building maintains the charm and character of the original building whilst providing a modern, contemporary living space.

The first phase of the project required that we excavate underneath the property to create two new sizeable bedrooms. With some hard graft and clever designing, we managed to construct an outstanding space utilising available land in an imaginative way. Continuing in the mindset of making the most of space, an underground turntable car park was designed and constructed, allowing for parking for up to four vehicles. This eclectic feature is not only a super cool talking point, but provides a brilliant solution to safe and secure parking.

Above ground, we worked closely with the clients to draw upon maintaining elements of the original character into the renovation. High vaulted ceilings make a striking statement throughout the property and the kitchen in particular is a stunning centerpiece. Exposed brick throughout nods back to the buildings history and creates a feature which stands out even more with the contrast of crisp white walls and bold windows which allow for sheaths of natural light to flow in to the rooms.

The clients really enjoyed the feeling of outdoors inside so we capitalised on this vision with the inclusion of glass links which allow for views of the stone walling outside of the property as well as flooding the space with natural light throughout the year.

Natural stone, wood features and bright white elements feature throughout the property with a shaker style kitchen adding a pop of neutral colour to the kitchen. They say the best parties happen in the kitchen and this home has plenty of space to entertain well into the night supported by the luxurious addition of underfloor heating below a statement flagstone floor. During the colder months, classic woodburners can be used to create additional ambiance and warmth not only in the kitchen but also in the main living space.

The bathrooms pull through the design feature of stone with elegant basins and creamy tiling, balancing high drama with a welcoming homliness. The finish across the entire property is of an extremely high-level and would not look out of place featured in a coffee table book of interior design.

The pictures really do not do justice to this beautiful home. The cathedral-esque vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, pronounced brick and rooms you could lose yourself in compliments the impressive exterior of the building and provides a delightful element the moment you step inside. This was an amazing job to work on and although it took 2 years of hard work we think you’ll agree it was totally worth it and the results speak for themselves.

This property in Sheninigton was an amazing job but tested all of our skills as builders. First of all we excavated under the school creating two extra bedrooms then designed a new underground garage with a car turntable big enough to park 4 cars. The finishing and standard of work was of the highest quality. The pictures just don’t do it justice. This was a truly amazing job with flagstone floors, glass links, underfloor heating, and rooms you could lose yourself in. Also the kitchen with it’s vaulted ceiling was a really stunning centre piece. This job took nearly 2 years to complete but we think you’ll agree, the results were worth it!